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Relaxing with Birde
Relaxing with Birde guides children through a sequence of moves designed to calm down their nervous system by connecting body, breath and emotions. Movements include lying flat and focussing on breathing, standing tall like a tree and stretching like a warrior. These activities encourage emotions such as feeling strong, hopeful and calm.

This project is a part of Birdie’s Tree program, which was created by Children’s Health Queensland’s Queensland Centre for Perinatal and Infant Mental Health, to help children work through scary experiences and big feelings.

Books in the Series
Relaxing with Birdie
Fun with Birdie

Birdie and the Big Sickness
Birdie and the Blizzard
Birdie and the Cyclone
Birdie and the Drought
Birdie and the Earthquake
Birdie and the Fire
Birdie and the Flood
Birdie and the Shelter
Birdie and the Storm
Birdie and the Very Hot Day
Birdie and the Virus
Authors: Susie Hamill, Alex de Young, Andrea Baldwin
Illustrator: Anil Tortop
Designer: Ozan Tortop
Booksmith: Tadaa Book
Publisher: Queensland Centre for Perinatal and Infant Mental Health

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